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5 May
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Name= B

Age= Old enough to know better, too young to care.

Birthday= May 5, 子ともの日

Hobbies= Hanging out with friends, shopping, listening to music,
playing with my dog, reading, watching movies

Likes=music, movies, shopping, punk guys, my friends and family, and things that are fun!

Dislike=Bugs, people who can't have fun, people who
get in the pit at concerts and then don't head bang or do
anything so you can't either and people who suck the life outta you and just make you pissy all the time.

Music=All kinds from all over the place

Groups=ナイトメア, 仙台貨物, Mix Speaker's Inc, Bergerac, カザリ, Danger Gang, Artless Theater Act, Alice Nine,
Kagrra, Wizard, Kra, キボウ屋本舗, beaU, Screw, Unsraw, Sadie, No God, AnCafe, Gazette, D,
Phantasmagoria, The Pumpkin Head, Ghost, 12012,Gackt, しゃるろっと, xTRIPx, Liz, Incline,
Guy's Family, Megamasso, Ayabie, Arashi, Kat-tun, Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, Christina, Rascal Flatts

Brands:h. Naoto, Sex Pot Revenge, Black Peace Now, Meta, AatP, Btssb, AP, Modern Pirates, Cecil Mcbee, D.I.A.,
Ghost of Harlem, Heaven and Earth

Dramas= Hanayome to Papa, Mars, Hana Yori Dango 1&2, Gokusen 1&2, Tokkyu Tanaka San Go,
Tokyo Wankei, Tokyo Tower, He was Cool, The woman who still wants to be married.

Movies= Pirates of the Caribbean, Apollo 13, Dracula, Memoirs of a Geisha, Twilight, Pride and Prejudice,
Anything with Johnny in it or Julia Roberts, The Holiday, all the Harry Potter movies

Actors/Actresses= Johnny Depp, Colin Firth, Orlando Bloom, Tanaka Koki, Julia Roberts,
Keira Knightley

Books=Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, Anything by Amy Tan and Marian Keyes, Dracula, Harry Potter

Anime= Inuyasha, NANA, Pretear, Trinity Blood, Yu Yu Hakusho, Ah! My Goddess, Fruits, Blood X, One Piece

Credit goes to naika_90 for the colorbars
credits to jrockxstar for the Ruka layout
Credits to narcolepticnemu for the gif